Summer is quickly approaching!

Summer is quickly approaching and I am already thinking of what is in store for the kids.  In Florida, school will be out in about 3 weeks and as we all know that time flies quickly when we are having fun.  The kids have been slowly bringing in flyers for different programs all around the community and as a parent you are left with the decision as to choose which is the best for your kids to go to.

I remember growing up in the islands, we did not have any summer camp programs, our summer camp program was us being sent to the country…..ahhh the memories of getting up early and eating locally made bread and cocoa tea (which I hated), we also ate mangoes and plums all day long and bathed in the river.  I wonder if the kids still do that or because we have become more modernized they have forgotten about these little things.

But enough with my ramblings about my memories, just remember when choosing a summer camp program for your kids do some diligent research.  Most of the city public parks offer summer camp programs at a reduced cost and provide various activities for your kids.  I have noticed some fly-by-night flyers coming home with the kids and these I always have to question.

Be ready for the summer cause it is coming and coming fast!


Omg those were the days..I always wen first n couldn’t wait for u n Ur brother to get there.I doubt kids out there still do so. They spend their summers watching t.v


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