Communication and Respect in a relationship

Yesterday I wrote on my Fassbook that my in-laws celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary and was over-whelmed at the amount of likes that I got.  Just recently my husband was telling me that someone asked his mom, how she kept up with his dad and her response was why do I need to keep up with him. 

So I went on discussing with him about how this is amazing that his parents have been married for so long and we really need to follow in their footsteps.  I also asked him how did you think they did it, because as we all know all relationships have their ups and down.  He summarized it to be communication and respect.  Now these two words brought me to thinking how true and correct he was. 

Communication is like the cement that holds a relationship together and we all know what happens when cement is broken.  It breaks! If two people are in a relationship and they stop talking to each other, that relationship is no longer being nurtured.  In communicating as well, it has to be real and true and also should involve respect and active energy on the parties’ part.

Only yesterday as well my husband was ranting on his blog about communication.  And he was saying while it is important to talk it is just as important to listen. Refer to

Respect is also something that we need to have for each other.  Everybody have different ideologies and beliefs, but we must respect each other views even if it differs from ours.  I have been around married couples and they argue over the most nonsensical things and get visibly upset.  In my mind I go wow is this what them do in bed too, fighting to see who going to be on top or at the bottom. Seriously!

Personally I feel they need to put all that energy into communication and respecting each other beliefs.  If you think that you do not understand your partner’s point of view, ask them to clarify it for you rather than getting angry and wanting to shove your point down their throat.  When you put your energy into communication, you are making a statement to your partner that you are committed to the relationship and to him.  It will show him/her that the relationship is important to you and you are willing to fully act in this communication.

Good communication makes love possible!


I totally love this article and i agree with the principles that you uphold. Communication and respect are so important, since it is in this soil that the garden of love thrives and blooms. We must also remember that these relationship attributes can only make a difference if both partners practice them. They must be reciprocated or else there will be strain, strife and unhappiness. Partners must be unselfish and practice compromising as opposed to winning/loosing when different opinions clash.


Communication is key in any relationship. So many things can go unsaid and then escalate to a new problem all together. It takes courage to say what’s on your mind and tact to say it properly so that the message gets across. Most times I can speak my mind but when it comes to matters of the heart i can be at a loss for words, and when angry, i forget what tact is. But working on it lol!


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