New nail color (Truffle Shuffle)

Last week going into this week new color is by Sally Hansen…

This time I tried their new line of Gel products without the UV light. It is called Miracle Gel and is a 2-step process. Step 1 is the color and Step 2 is the top coat.  No base coat is needed before application, just apply the color and seal with the top coat. Although I liked it, I rather the one with the UV light.  Your nails are completely dry when you use the UV light while with this one you have to wait for it to dry and that has always been my dilemma with nail color.  I want something that dries one time to prevent smudging.

Now my quirk with Sally Hansen’s nail polish as opposed to OPI or Essie is the brush; I find their brush is so wide and although I didn’t get any outside the nail bed (I was being very careful) I rather Essie or OPI small brush.

So this is the finished product, Truffle Shuffle.




This color blends with my skin and maybe won’t be my go to color, but for now I like it.


Meli Mel

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