How to lose 20 pounds in just 3 weeks!

While multi-tasking as usual, I found this great article.  For the few people that are very intimate with me they know that I always complain about meh belly 🙂  So thought I would share with my readers because I will be trying this out soon….carnival is around the corner 🙂

4 Steps to Losing 20 Pounds in 3 Weeks

Step 1: A 1-day “lemon water” fast

For a 24-hour period, I ate nothing and drank only spring water with lots of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice added to it. After the 24 hour period I felt great. I felt cleansed and energized… and I’d even lost about a pound and a half! I liked the lemon water so much that I started drinking it every morning and I think it helped a lot.

Step 2: “Paleo-style” eating

During the 3 week period I ate almost no processed foods. I ate a type of “paleo style” diet. Mainly lean meats, fish and seafood, eggs, vegetables, raw fruits, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats (e.g. olive oil, avocado, and natural peanut butter). I also ate a serving or two of beans or legumes each day (even though these aren’t typically included in paleo diets).

I also consumed 1 or 2 healthy protein shakes/smoothies each day, usually consisting of: whey protein powder, frozen fruit, natural peanut butter or almond butter, and low-fat milk or water. These shakes tasted great and were especially helpful when I was in a rush or just needed to get some protein and carbs after a tough workout.

 Step 3: Short, intense workouts

I did short, intense workouts 4 or 5 days a week. I focused on “combo” workouts that included about 10-15 minutes of intense strength training (using mainly bodyweight exercises and light dumbbells) and 10-15 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio. I kept the rest periods short and most of my workouts were under 30 minutes.

I found that doing this type of exercise was actually much easier and less boring than typical “cardio” workouts (e.g. jogging on a treadmill). They burned a ton of body fat and I started to see a big difference in my body in just a week!

Step 4: Supplement shortcuts

The only supplements I took during the 3 week period were: whey protein powder, omega-3 fats (fish oil capsules), and a good multivitamin. I felt that these supplements helped me recover much faster from my intense workouts. The whey powder especially was great and I consumed quite a lot of it.

Well… that’s it! Those are the basic steps I took to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks. Was it “easy”? Not necessarily… but it wasn’t especially difficult either. Once you get into a routine and build some momentum, especially in terms of eating well and exercising regularly, the pounds literally start flying off.

If you need to lose some weight quickly, I definitely recommend giving the above steps a try. They worked better than any other diet or fitness program I’ve ever tried.

Disclaimer: I found this article right here:  I am not affiliated with the website, just found the article and other stuff they had on it very interesting and have already bookmarked it.  So you be the judge and if any of you try it out let me know how it worked for you.



Good luck with your plan – sounds ambitious, but rewarding :)!


It seems to be a good way to loose weight. I didn’t see any red flags with the method at all. I’ll be trying it.


Yeah Val, it not like other ones that I have seen that have all kinds of ridiculous things to try…and most of the things I bet you have in your fridge already. 🙂


Thanks for the information. I need to loose a lil belly fat in time for the wedding, but you know how a busy lifestyle causes everything to look impossible. The steps seem simple enough and might just fit my schedule. I’ve already been practicing short intense ab workouts (though not often enough) and always watch what and when i eat. I’ll try to put the rest of your advice into practice. Thanks again!


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