My favorite YouTubers went to St. Lucia

My favorite YouTubers, Daily Davidsons visited St. Lucia and posted their experience.

These vendors though…when will they stop harassing some point I could tell Tiffany was uncomfortable…fast forward to 15:55 on T.J’s experience.  These vendors don’t know who is visiting the country and what they do and how much of an effect it can have on our country.  Overall it looks like they had a fun time in St. Lucia apart from the constant harassment.  And while I understand that everyone wants to make a dollar but people come on vacation, leave them alone let them relax and enjoy themselves.

I remember having an encounter once with one on the beach but the way my savageness set up he fly quick when de lucian came out of me. People didn’t come on vacation to be harassed and if we wanted yall over-priced trinkets we will buy it, you don’t need to harass us for it.

It is about time someone do something about these vendors because one day they will meet the wrong person or touch the wrong person and get hurt.


Meli Mel

Sidenote: I spied Spinnakers and felt for their food one time (I am such a fatty) and lawd dat water…sigh I miss my country.



I totally love the Davidson’s Meli Mel so thanks for introducing me to them. And their kids awww omg so adorable. So let’s get to my comment now. First of all I’m glad they had fun and by the way they were at my favorite beach. Secondly, the harassment damn…give people a break yo!!! Ok in my Lucian dialect “lass enbete choo say moon la.” I’m sorry people the patois was necessary. I mean let the people breath a little and then approach them. And why the hell mate touching the woman for? “Jus so?” That man lucky the woman and her husband not ignorant because it could have ended ugly. God alone knows! At least they had more positive things to say about St. Lucia thank God, but people these are the situations that can make or break the tourist industry so be smart about it. Be tactful and know your boundaries please. Nuff said!


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