How often do you change your home around?

My kids and (I think sometimes) my hubby thinks that I am a weirdo when it comes to changing the house around.  I swear I am always switching something around and changing out stuff.  I am trying to become less impulsive with my furniture shopping habits though.  When we first bought our home, I insisted I wanted a nice sectional (let’s just say, 2.5 years later, we no longer have a sectional).  As I am writing this post I realized that my oldest piece of furniture is my dining room set (4 years) and trust me I am already itching to change it.  I have gotten a stern NO already, lol.

So because I can’t move the furniture around and change it as often as I would like, I am stuck with changing the curtains very often.  I started changing them around every 2 months or so and have now narrowed it down to the seasons and have also started reusing what I have instead of buying new ones.  On average I spend almost $360 on curtains and that is not even for the whole house, just downstairs and also I am using coupons and these curtains are on sale.  Never knew curtains were so expensive until I got such oversized windows that require more than 2 curtains to give a nice full look.

I usually shop at JC Penney for my curtains, whenever the home sale is going on; you can get 30-50% off sometimes even 70% from their select curtains.  I have tried other retailers but either they don’t have the size that I need for my patio door or if they do have something for the patio door, they don’t have something to match the windows or close enough to the color.

I am becoming a homemaker, OMG!   So am I alone out there with changing my curtains and furniture around often, I am blaming it on new home syndrome and trying to make the place comfy and also practical maybe…(dais my story and I am sticking to it)


Meli Mel


Hey Sis you are not alone in making changes to your new home. We just got the the new house and I am already trying to change everything in there. My hubby is saying no before I even ask because he see me doing the 360 degree with my eye around whatever area I am in the house. He already knows me so well that he will ask what project or agenda you have you have on your mind. And If I tell him he is already saying No.


You have to send me pics of the new digs


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