Miami Carnival Weekend

This weekend it is Miami Carnival Weekend and honestly there is no excitement for me. As much as I love carnival, I have given up on Miami Carnival for the past few years.  I don’t know when I got turned off but it has lost it appeal on me.  But the one thing I won’t do is bash people that do come out to enjoy their time.  Some people are not fortunate to go to their respective country for carnival and Miami is the closest their can reach to the Caribbean.  I have seen people talking about people that go to Miami and can’t pay their bills when they come back….what business is that of yours doh? and do you know if the person planned their trip?  Let people be and enjoy themselves!

Have fun guys and be safe, I will be looking forward to seeing many pictures since I won’t be going to watch the parade.  If I am not in a costume, I don’t go to watch carnival.  I will be taking in one fete doh and will try to post some pics after and perhaps do a review of this fete.

Have a great carnival folks.


Meli Mel


I know people who come all the way to Trinidad and can’t pay their bills 6 months later.


Yes I agree with the bashing thing. If you look at the ones who talking trash is those that not going and vex. I went to Miami carnival this year and I had a ball. I was especially impressed with the Jouvert but the high prices to get in those fetes was ridiculous, not to mention most of the entertainers were at almost all of the parties anyway.


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