Most Over-rated Baby Items and some must haves for new mommies

As most of you know, I had a baby almost 10 months ago. He is the spoilt baby of the house and so far the last grandbaby and my last child. I am fortunate that this time around, to be financially stable to buy whatever I felt looked cool and he would need. Boy was I ever wrong!

I always told my husband that I didn’t want any swings or rocky things for him because most kids tend to not like them, so we decided to wait until he was born to see if we could try him out with them before we bought it. So flash back to a few days of him being home and he wouldn’t sleep and no matter what we did he wouldn’t sleep. So hubby went out to buy a MamaRoo by 4Moms.

Maybe it worked for some moms out there but this was a complete waste of $200+ for us. He used it for a few days and it calmed him down for 5 minutes and it has been sitting in a corner of the house collecting dust for the past few months.

Another bad buy for us also by 4Moms was the bath-tub and only because he out grew it very quickly. It had this cool feature that I loved though; a built in thermometer which let you know if the water was too hot for the baby without you having to put your hands in and test it.  We also got him some play things that he hates to be in but plays with them now on the outside and moves them all around the place.  See below for our useless buys:




If you have a baby that don’t like to be confined, these toys are not for them and are a complete waste of money and space.

I am still on the fence about the wipe warmers, the travel one I will say is a complete no.  Only thing I don’t like about the wipe warmer, it comes with some replacement pillows that you have to keep moist at least every week, if not it gets moldy and hard.  I got the Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer and also this caddy that I felt look so cool and convenient in a baby’s room.

Another complete waste of money was the bottle warmer as well, it took too long to heat up the bottle.  Before we bought the Baby Brezza for upstairs, we would use the Enfamil Ready to Feed bottles and would heat up at nights if he didn’t want the bubbies.  You were looking at an angry, hungry baby eh.

Now to my must haves and I will swear by these products:


If you have a formula fed baby, this is the best thing made since Cadbury Chocolate or Ferrands Diary Creamsicle (lol).  I call it the baby Keurig, makes bottles at the proper temperature in the blink of an eye.  We loved it so much, we bought 3, one for downstairs, one for upstairs and one for my mom.  I don’t know about yall, but I am not going all downstairs in the middle of the night to make a bottle for a crying and hungry baby.

Another great buy for us, au contraire to other people beliefs is the Diaper Pail.  We got the Munchkin Arm & Hammer brand  and there is absolutely no smell coming from it even when it is full with plenty No. 2’s.  I know some people feel it is a waste of money and why can’t you just go and throw the soiled diaper in the garbage one time, but seriously who has time to go back and forth to throw out soiled diapers and personally, I feel if you put the soiled diaper in the kitchen garbage, it will smell faster in there than the diaper pail.

This was also a good buy for when we are out and about Munchkin Arm & Hammer Bag Dispenser and the refills of course.  Who wants to be walking around with soiled diapers in their bag or empty plastic noisy bags…these come compact and can attach to the side of the baby bag.  I even used these bags to separate dirty clothes whenever we went out of town.

Oh and mummies, a changing table is also a no-no but you can get a changing pad that you can carry anywhere around the house to change the baby or just do old school style and put a blanket on the bed to change the baby so he/she doesn’t soil your sheet and trust me it will happen at least once.

Tell me what bad buys did you guys have?


Meli Mel



Bought a cherry mahogany craddle for $700. The kid slept in it for 2 hours, then on our bed for one year. I gave the craddle bed away to a friend. My daughter transferred to a Dora bed and then a big girls bed. Waste of $700.00


Oh my, yes that was a big waste…I know it burn y’all


bouncers, rockers, the door swings, baby carrier if you have a vehicle…also the stroller carseat combo if you have a vehicle. It makes more sense to get a forever seat from birth because after 9 months baby needs a new car seat.

On the other hand the munchkin portable bottle warmer is excellent for road trips, for moms like me who are always on the road it works great, plug it into to the cigarette lighter and 5 minutes later we have a warm bottle.


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