Good/Beautiful Hair

What is good or beautiful hair?

I ask this because I recently uploaded a picture of my son with a fresh re-twist and someone commented “Noooo you didn’t loc that beautiful hair”, my response was “It is still beautiful”.  I know she didn’t mean anything by the comment but it just made me wonder what do you deem as beautiful hair or as some people say good hair?

To me beautiful or good hair is hair that if you put it in a style today that it would last for days and not be messed up in a few minutes…That is MY definition of good or beautiful hair.  My son has curly hair and don’t like to comb nor does he want to cut his hair.  I am honestly not about fighting with a toddler every time to do his hair so that was the best decision his dad and I took, put locs in his hair and I don’t have to bother with it at all, except when to shampoo it and that is another story and fight in itself.  I have 2 daughters and the one with the curlier hair that most people would deem to have “good” hair was the one I hated combing the most because her hairstyles lasted for a few minutes and looked nice just when it was done, meanwhile when I used to do my oldest daughter’s hair (her hair was a bit coarser, her styles would last for days) but most people would not think she has good hair when to me her hair was better to get styled.

We need to get off that good or beautiful hair business…all hair is good and beautiful in it’s own right. This is coming from a woman with locs who put locs because she did not like to comb her hair and still don’t like to do anything to her hair.  This is a pic of my toddler after a fresh twist was just done with Dr Locs oil and a few clips. So tell me what does good/beautiful hair means to you?


Meli Mel

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