Generation-X Miami Presents Evolution for Miami Carnival 2018

In true Generation X form of just dropping names on costumes, they have launched for Miami Carnival 2018.  Maybe I am getting carnival tired but costumes lately have not been wowing me to the extent that I feel compelled to be a reveler. (must be ole age) and that goes for all bands that I have seen, not just GenX.  

In the past you would look at a costume and based off their portrayal, you would see what the designer or band leader was trying to portray, the costumes should or would tell a story.  I ent seeing what the portrayal/the story is for this one eh, but I digress eh, cause dis is mas! I should say the pics don’t do it justice, cause it looks a little dull here but even if you see the original I am still not getting the story and where this screams Evolution. 





(To me there should have been more colors on this to call it Kaleidoscope, shrugs)


Spirit of Carnival

This costume is more red than it comes out here


Check out their website for more information on registration and prices: GenerationXmiami  or their IG for better pics: GenXmas IG

On a side note, 2 years ago, a Section leader costume was $845 and this year it is $895. $50 difference, some other mas bands need to take note of this!  But I also noted that there was a $400 difference between backline and frontline, just to lime in a parking lot, avoytay tun (I really getting old in trute).

I gone!


Meli Mel 

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