Free the tatas

Today I did something so exhilarating…….I went out without a bra….headlights out and all…Lately I have been so tired of bras and feel that I am choking with them on (they are the right size). Last week it was so bad, I took that shit off in my office (I had on a jacket). As soon as I reach home that is always the first to go.

So today hubby wanted us to go to the mall and I was like eff it, I am not wearing a bra today and it felt so good…I told my oldest that I didn’t feel to wear a bra and she goes ummm you can do that…if u want to feel better, I’m not wearing either…..such a sweetie trying to make mummy feel better.

I am going to look for some pasties that don’t have adhesive that may irritate my skin for days that I don’t have a jacket..for those of you who can, try it….best feeling ever!

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