Ahhh the struggles

So if you know me long enough, you know I have been complaining about my belly and sometimes I complain about my weight which really I shouldn’t.  Now I don’t want to lose weight at all just that dreaded belly pudge…like go away belly, why must you make me suffer! I tried using a waist trainer but because of my latex allergies, that was a complete failure and I know the market has other non-latex ones but just the thought of squeezing into one turns me off and makes me feel like I can’t breathe…Then I tried Cool Sculpting 2 years ago and let me tell you that was the worst pain ever and I had only 1 round of it and said nope I am not doing myself that again.  Cool sculpting is a non-invasive procedure that supposedly burns the fat…I eh know what it was doing to me but at the time of doing it, I was fine..the pain came days later, it is an indescribable pain, so please don’t ask me to describe.  So after the fiasco, I bought a bow flex that I have since sold because it was too much for my knees and so is running and anything high impact.  I try to do some low-impact exercises as much as I can but that belly pudge is a mission.

Recently my community put some working out equipment in the walking path, so we decided as a family we will go out and try it, then hear my next dilemma…there have been plenty sightings of pythons…ahhh my struggle is so real.  I feel that I want to walk the community but I am honest to God petrified of snakes and we have alot of bushes in the area and I would not want to face my death while trying to get my fine on.

So yall see my struggles..I am going to pray for a flat belly tonight…

This is my ideal look…I ent competing with nobody uh, just my 2010 self.

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