Dynasty Carnival 2017 For St. Lucia Carnival

Another new band for St. Lucia Carnival 2017 had their pre-launch last night…….Dynasty Carnival powered by Team Asari!


Here are some of their costumes shown last night, with more to come:

(Professional pics done by Belle Portwe)

(At the launch)

(Professional pics done by Belle Portwe)

(Professional pics done by Belle Portwe)

(At the launch)

(Btw, this picture does not do that costume any justice…saw a video on their IG and it looks so much beautiful than this pic)

Stay tuned to their social media accounts for more information:

Teamasari Facebook

Teamasari IG

I am happy to see more bands coming to the St. Lucia carnival scene.  We wish Team Asari the best.


Meli Mel

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