Fuzion Mas for St. Lucia Carnival 2017

Hey yall,

My first post for 2017 and surprise surprise I talking about carnival, hehehe….not meh fault, I am a carnival baby.

Fuzion Mas website is live and they have started registration for St. Lucia Carnival 2017, they are offering early bird pricing until March 31, 2017.

Check them out http://www.fuzionmas.com/home/ 

Hmmm, they are looking like a force to reckon with and looks like some hard work is being done behind the scenes.  They impressed me with their website and the special mixes by local artist at the bottom of their page (I still wining in my seat….split in de middle, bend dong my girl bend dong, freaky girls that me love) 758!!!!!

El-Maa (Marketed by Skinny Fabulous and Designed by Nakita Hyatali)

FL Early bird pricing $605 USD/$1635 EC

FL Regular price $665 USD/$1770 EC (additional panty $50 USD/$135 EC)

Backline Early bird pricing $445 USD/$1195 EC

Backline Regular price $500 USD/$1350 EC (additional panty $25 USD/$65 EC)

Male: $365 USD/$980 EC (early bird)

$415 USD/$1115 EC (regular price)

Desert Night (Designed by Sabrina Seurio)

FL Early bird pricing $575 USD/$1550 EC

FL Regular price $625 USD/$1685 EC (additional panty $50 USD/$135 EC, upgrade to monokini $25 USD/$65 EC)

Backline Early bird pricing $450 USD/$1205 EC

Backline Regular price $495 USD/$1340 EC (additional panty $25 USD/$65 EC, upgrade to monokini $15 USD/$40 EC)

Male: $410 USD/$1100 EC (early bird)

$460 USD/$1235 EC (regular price)

Colours of the Gods (Designed by Jesse Mitchel)

One Piece Option Early bird pricing $355 USD/$960 EC

Regular Price $410 USD/$1120 EC

(Additional pricing found on their website with options)

Two Piece Option Early bird pricing $355 USD/$960 EC

Regular Price $410 USD/$1120 EC

(Additional pricing found on their website with options)

Khamsin (Designed by Shawn Dhanraj)

FL Early bird pricing $780 USD/$2100 EC

FL Regular price $850 USD/$2300

Backline Early bird pricing $560 USD/$1500 EC

Backline Regular price $595 USD/$1600 EC

Male FL: $570 USD/$1535 EC (early bird)

Male FL: $620 USD/$1670 EC (regular price)

Male BL: $495 USD/$1340 EC (early bird)

Male BL: $535 USD/$1440 EC (regular price)

So there you have it guys….go check them out, register if you see something you like.


Meli Mel

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