Bajan Fuh Evah presents Candyland, Kingdom of Sweet Adventures for Miami Carnival 2018

Because today is Kadooment Day in Barbados, why not feature Bajan Fuh Evah for Miami Carnival…

These are a few pickings from their portrayal for 2018.


Ice Queen/Princess
Ice Queen & Her Guard (Midline)
Ice Queen & Her Guard (Midline)
Gum Drop (other options available) Section Owner: Moca International
Gum Drop (Midline Costume)
Section Owner: Moca International
Cotton Candy (other options available)
King Candy
Section Owner: Massive Rage Promotions


King Candy Midline
Section Owner: Massive Rage Promotions
King Candy Men
Section Owner: Massive Rage Promotions
Blueberry Crush Midline
Luscious Licks
Godiva Chocolate (other options available)
Lollipop (other options available)
Rum Wild invades Wakanda for Miami Jouvert

For more information on registration and prices, visit their website and or IG to get section leaders info:

Bajan Fuh Evah

Bajan Fuh Evah Mas IG

Bajan Fuh Evah Mas FB

61 more days or so for Miami Carnival, plenty options and bands are still available folks.


Meli Mel

P.S. If I ever did Jouvert, I would do this outfit…love it!

P.P.S. I don’t understand how certain sections are running a business but your IG private…now if I was interested in jumping in your section, I would pass on that one time…Can’t stand to see a business page that is private on IG…what is de point nuh!

Now I gone for real…..xoxoxo

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