Random observation

While looking at the stats on my blog, I noticed a search engine term asking about “perm the front of my dreadlocks”……people why would you want to perm the front of your hair if you have dreads.  IMO that takes away from the whole natural look and being natural… I personally think that if anyone […]

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Coloring Locs

So this past weekend, I decided to color my locs black.  I have never seen my hair black, so I didn’t know what to expect.  My hair has always been light brown as far back as I can remember; my Lucian folks would even go far as saying I had shabin hair, lol.  But I […]

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Loc Styles I Like

So since my husband says no to combing out the locs (he loves it, while I secretly think he is thinking that he don’t want to see me fighting with my hair every morning and cussing up de place); I decided to look for hairstyles that compliments my length.  I am not a fan of […]

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