New Carnival Band for St. Lucia Carnival 2016

Happy Friday yall, Just came across this earlier and thought I would share...more options for the people.  New band on the horizon, don't know who are the forces behind it doh...but they will be launching tomorrow 3/19/2016 at Verve in Rodney Bay. Good luck ladies/guys...I am waiting to see these costumes. xoxoxo Meli Mel

Legends Carnival Band Teaser

I was just speaking to someone about the future of St. Lucia Carnival and saying I hope is not only Just4Fun that go be the future of St. Lucia carnival and came across the band Legends.  Legends came to the St. Lucia Carnival scene in 2014 with a dedication to Desmond McNamara, then in 2015 their portrayal was Rebellion.  Although no date have been released for their 2016 launching, they have released a little teaser to keep the people in…

J4F Costume Prices

Just 4 Fun has released their costume prices with registration starting soon.  Get yall money in order guys! Overview: 1) Deposits – Minimum Payment (Same as last year) a. $300 regular section b. $500 Premium Drinks Inclusive c. Indulgence - Contact Roston Taylor , Krystal Williams or email us at 2) Early Reveler Pricing – Details a. Starts Wednesday February 10th b. Full Payment due by April 30th c. If full costume payment is not made by April 30th…