Just 4 Fun Presents the Codex of Life for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

When I hear the term Codex, I am thinking something ancient or something mystic…..the word Codex is derived from the Latin word caudex (Tree trunk) and I see where J4F is going with their theme this year.

Before I show you pics, let’s break down the term “Codex of Life” or “Tree of Life”….when I think of the tree of life, I am thinking a fresh start on life, positive energy, sacrifice, good health.  A tree is a symbol of immortality, even though some trees grow old they still bear seeds and these seeds contains the essence that continues to live on.

This year J4F has 8 sections and they all reflecting on how we as humans should be (well that is  my take on it).



Follow their IG page for more information on registration and costume prices.

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