Red Unlimited Presents Sunrise for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

Red Unlimited is back from their little hiatus and from the looks of it they are coming with a bang.  Red Unlimited launched this morning at a Breakfast fete and that I must say has been a first that I can recall in St. Lucia’s carnival history (correct me if I am wrong eh). Although I didn’t get up early enough to see it from the beginning, the vibes that I caught was real good.  Saw alot of familiar faces in the crowd and the one thing I can say about St. Lucia carnival is the support that the bands give each other.  

Stay tuned to their facebook and IG page for more information on men costumes, registration info and everything else they will have in store for their revelers.  Here are the ladies costumes that are available:

(My favorite)

Not really a fan of the mesh and the red (reminds me of a control top stockings) 

Their social media pages are below:

R3DUnlimited Facebook

R3dunlimited IG


Meli Mel

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