Legends Carnival Band Presents Cheers to 5 for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

Now this is what you call a band launch by St. Lucia standards.  I thought Red Unlimited was different on the weekend but this one set the bar.  And boy is the bar set for Legends Carnival Band.  Let me tell you, from the time this band came out, I was never impressed with any of their costumes but this year they really gave it their all and did their homework well.  Normally a band would launch and you have to wait for days to see their costumes on their website and even register; Legends launched tonight and their website is up and running and taking registration.  Whoever is running the Legends team and I heard is all women, kudos to you! Guess women really runs the world eh! (ah go give yall a bligh for spelling Designers wrong eh, cause I figure yall did a little rush there to be extraordinary)

Cheers to 5!

Let’s Toast (Front line)

Let’s Toast (Backline)

Sweet Treats

Sapphire (Front Line)

Sapphire (Backline)

Fierce & Fabulous (Backline)

Fierce & Fabulous (Frontline)

Confetti (Frontline) by Krave

Confetti (Backline) by Krave

Also not pictured but was shown at the launch was Diamond(s) of Splendor which was an individual costume….that one was muy caliente…

Btw at the time of this blog posting, Legends website has crashed!  But these pics that I have do not do these costumes justice so visit their IG or website once it gets back up to see the beauty…

Visit their IG or their website for further information and for more options with the costumes and also for the men costumes.


Meli Mel

Legends Carnival Band Website

Legends Carnival Instagram

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