Are they really your friends?

I won’t say that I am not a trusting person, but sometimes I question the loyalty of some “friends”.  I have come to a point in my life where I have to evaluate some friendships and learn to let go of some.  I think this is a part of growing up, people change, and some people lie for no apparent reason, and some give half-truths or share the truth with one person and give another some other story.  I hate half-truths or omitting truths people and I feel now it is time to let go of them.

I don’t think that I am a perfect being but when I have to be mindful of what I tell people that I consider to be my friend, that don’t sit right with me.  If we are friends, I feel I can tell you anything and wouldn’t expect it to spread around or fear you talking my private business to your family members or other friends.

And trust me ladies, we all have that one “friend” that would feel compelled to talk about us.  Sometimes it is not out of malice, they just feel that they have to open their trap for whatever reason.  These are the friends you have to be worried about!

I think everybody serves some kind of purpose in life, but if at any time you find yourself evaluating a friendship because of something u heard or some kind of behavior, step back and really think about what purpose that “friend” is serving.


Meli Mel

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