Xpressionz Carnival Band Presents Ngorongoro: Children on the Volcano for St. Lucia Carnival 2023

Not sure if this is a new band cause to me that is the first time I am hearing the name, but the people behind it are not new to St. Lucia mas or even the entertainment scene. For them, they want to reignite the spirit of Carnival and take it back to its roots as evidenced in some of the costumes. Their costumes are not the typical panty and bra and fedders (yeah I spelled fedders like that).

The band boasts that 90% of their designers are St. Lucian, 90% of their section producers are St. Lucian, 90% of their production teams are operated by St. Lucians, 70% of their costumes will be produced locally and all their models are St. Lucians (dais a pawol jetay or what)…I jest doh…I love this about them. I have always said St. Lucians are very talented why do we always have to go outside to get things done, but dais above meh paygrade and understanding tun.

Anyway enough of the talk, take a look at their costumes for 2023. There is something for everyone.

Pre-registration is underway so visit their social media pages for more info.

Xpressionz Carnival Band FB

Pre-register Here

Which is your fave?



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