Words when spoken can never be taken back.  Be it malicious or good. Malicious hurts and good makes one feel proud.  So the effect of words don’t change no matter what it is.

Over time I have learnt to hold back my tongue if I don’t want to hurt anyone feelings or maybe later would have to apologize.  I always believe that when someone says something mean about or to someone in anger, they have always been meaning to say it.  The angry god just gave them the power and the strength to say it.  And no matter how much apologizing is done, those words are out.

So what do you do when you are faced with hearing words that are hurtful and you know that all you have been doing was something good and to help people for their own good and progress?  I have been mauling over this and I was browsing on Facebook recently and saw a quote

 “Your worth is not measured by “their” words, but by YOUR thoughts”

 I have decided to not live with regret of doing what I did to help those folks who have wronged me because I knew that I did it out of the goodness of my heart and life goes on and this is just another lesson to learn.  But people always remember that words are very hurtful.  And if you are ever angry, it is best to walk away and not say what is really on your mind cause these words can never be taken back.


Meli Mel

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