March 29, 2013


My name is Meli Mel and I have become according to my daughter, a scrapbook hoarder!  I have acquired so many items in such a short space of time and still want more…This week I worked at home and did a little sorting and scrapping and I was like wow I have alot of things..Some of them double or triple.

I am trying to finish these wave of pictures that I got printed out last year because I have plenty more to print.  I am also redoing my oldest daughter’s book and that one there is going to be alot.  Thankfully, I am caught up with my son’s own (will put some pages of his up soon) and just almost caught up with my middle princess own.

These are a few pages I did for her:


And this here is just a section of my room that I put my supplies:

 ImageI bought a few of these white cases from Michael’s for $4.99 and sorted my stickers and all my working tools in there..another section of the room have pens, scissors and a bag full of cardstock of all different sizes. 

I really cannot wait to get an office even if it is the size of a closet to set up.

Ok now back to idea hunting for the other pages.  Need to finish what I have by summer..


Meli Mel

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