Why do people cheat?

I have had this million dollar question in my mind for the past few months….Why do people cheat?  I mean what satisfaction do you get out of hurting your significant other?  Don’t you feel bad when you know that the person you claim to love is hurting from your deceit, or that does not matter cause you are happy in the short-lived moment?

Lately I have been hearing so much stories of cheating partners; one gentleman even considered suicide.  I mean we can’t tell the person what to think and we are not in their shoes to know how they feel; everyone handles deceit differently.  I for one don’t know what I would do if I were in their shoes (nah, I lie, I would pack up everything and leave, don’t have time for stress, my younger me woulda cut somebody, lol).  Not saying everyone that is cheated on should leave their significant other or poison them or cut them (IJS eh) but that is just what I would do…..I am of the belief that once a cheater always a cheater.

And to anyone out there reading this and you a horner man/woman, I saw this meme and thought it to be funny…..



Most people that cheat always tell their significant other that they don’t want to split, while they telling you other lies.  It is time yall wake up and smell the coffee.  If they cheating on someone that they said till death do them part, what you think will happen to you when your turn comes.  There is a saying; the way you get them is the way you will lose them.

So if anyone have the answer to that million dollar question, let me know eh.


Meli Mel

P.S. Dis ent about me eh….so miss me (got to put dem disclaimers for macco Lucians, yall know who yall be)

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