Victoria’s Secret has bumped their head

So in the past months, there has been news that Victoria’s Secret has been going down a spiral trend and are looking to close some stores.  Not sure what is hurting them and honestly I don’t care but if yall are trying to cater to ladies, yall should have at least make things affordable to us or even give us good quality. Take a look at some of the newer panties or bras that they are making, the quality is so shoddy, laces on the panty coming off if you hold it too tight, underwires in the bra coming out in no time.

In the past they used to sell clothes and swimsuits and they stopped but now I am seeing they are trying to salvage themselves by coming back with the swimsuits….but ummm did they bump their head when they did that move…A few that caught my eye with their ridiculous prices: 

Now look at this one below…I have that same pattern and for sure didn’t pay that price for it…I have an online store and was sourcing swimsuits for it and found a vendor that have very reasonably priced bathing suits.  Ended up not using the swimsuits from this vendor because of the quality of a few of the bathing suits, but this one that is similar to the pic was of great quality and I only paid $5.83 for it…Victoria’s Secret is selling that same made in China ish for $107.

I bet if I or some other small business put up that bathing suit to sell, none of yall would buy it but would run go buy it from VS that ripping yall off eh!  And while I do understand that they are a business and are in it for a profit but come on.


Beware of them big businesses and start supporting the small businesses!


Meli Mel

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