MiamiBroward One Carnival 2016


D-Junction Mas Presents “A Tribute to Royalty” for Miami Carnival 2016

D-Junction Mas had their launching on Saturday June 18th for Miami-Broward One Carnival 2016 and here are some of their costumes: (Nose Jewelry is not included in costume) The male model pictured is Maasai Warrior 2 options for male in 1 design Visit their Facebook page for close-ups of the individual costumes...Prices are not up as yet neither is registration open.  Follow them on IG at: Djunction IG and on FB at: DJunctionMas Facebook for more information. xoxoxo Meli Mel

Revel Nation Presents Realm of Dragons for Miami Carnival 2016

More options for yall for Miami Carnival 2016.   This is the first time I have heard of this band but I noticed they were there from 2015 with some hot costumes. They had a virtual carnival launch on June 10th and here are some of their costumes.  Berserker (I doh know how i feel about that red mesh thingy on the Section Leader in Miami hot sun oui...dat just looking like effed up tan lines, but to each its own…