Revel Nation Presents Realm of Dragons for Miami Carnival 2016

June 13, 2016

More options for yall for Miami Carnival 2016.   This is the first time I have heard of this band but I noticed they were there from 2015 with some hot costumes. They had a virtual carnival launch on June 10th and here are some of their costumes.  Berserker-Team-upBerserker

(I doh know how i feel about that red mesh thingy on the Section Leader in Miami hot sun oui…dat just looking like effed up tan lines, but to each its own I guess tun)


Chameleons Stare





This is my favorite one…something about the colors and the use of cloth and beads speaks to me.




Moons-Tooth-Riders Male



Prices have not yet been released and I am curious to see what them prices go be like…I see Miami now trending with that $350 and up prices…gone are the days when it used to be $350 was Frontline eh..Anyway stay tuned to their website for registration details and also check out more pics of their costumes Revelnationcarnival.


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