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D’Junction Presents Harlem: The Golden Age for Miami-Broward Carnival 2018

I have never played mas with D'Junction but I have attended fetes that they have organized and have had a time.  D'Junction have come a long way since 2012 and you can see the differences in their costume from then to now. For 2018, they are presenting Harlem: The Golden Age and here are some of their costume selections.  You can visit their website to see more options of these costumes and for registration information. Harlem: The Golden Age…

D-Junction Mas Presents “A Tribute to Royalty” for Miami Carnival 2016

D-Junction Mas had their launching on Saturday June 18th for Miami-Broward One Carnival 2016 and here are some of their costumes: (Nose Jewelry is not included in costume) The male model pictured is Maasai Warrior 2 options for male in 1 design Visit their Facebook page for close-ups of the individual costumes...Prices are not up as yet neither is registration open.  Follow them on IG at: Djunction IG and on FB at: DJunctionMas Facebook for more information. xoxoxo Meli Mel