Carnival Costumes


Insaniti Carnival Band Launch 2016

Insaniti will have their official band launch on Saturday April 16th and the best thing is that it is FREE. They also showed a sneak peek of 3 of the costumes on their facebook page: Stay tuned to their page for more information Insaniti Facebook. xoxoxo Meli Mel  

J4F Costume Prices

Just 4 Fun has released their costume prices with registration starting soon.  Get yall money in order guys! Overview: 1) Deposits – Minimum Payment (Same as last year) a. $300 regular section b. $500 Premium Drinks Inclusive c. Indulgence - Contact Roston Taylor , Krystal Williams or email us at 2) Early Reveler Pricing – Details a. Starts Wednesday February 10th b. Full Payment due by April 30th c. If full costume payment is not made by April 30th…

Just4Fun 2016 Costumes…..Savage

Last night J4F revealed their costumes for 2016 and before I go down into the costumes I will touch on the launch a little bit.  For the little view that I got and some pictures I saw floating, they surely went with their theme...tepees on the stage and the entrance to the place was beautifully decorated..Now DJ's, I am begging you please please sil vous plait por favor please put Palance in de damn vault nuh.....Por favor sil vous plait…