Just4Fun 2016 Costumes…..Savage

January 31, 2016

Last night J4F revealed their costumes for 2016 and before I go down into the costumes I will touch on the launch a little bit.  For the little view that I got and some pictures I saw floating, they surely went with their theme…tepees on the stage and the entrance to the place was beautifully decorated..Now DJ’s, I am begging you please please sil vous plait por favor please put Palance in de damn vault nuh…..Por favor sil vous plait doh play Palance on de road and people yall need to stop dancing and moving to Palance, maybe then the DJ’s will stop playing it….Apart from that lil faux pas, the music selection was fine.

In my opinion, I find that the artists were a bit rushed with their performances but I guess they were trying to get the costumes out in a timely manner.  Mongstar and Ezra D’Fun Machine have been surprising me with their music from last year; I am looking forward to see their contribution for 2016.

The live feed was a bit blurry but I should thank Party Access for at least providing the foreigners with access.  One suggestion though, please scan the crowd a bit more when nothing happening on the stage, at least let us think like we there too nuh.

The models……..lawd is what they feeding dem girls in St. Lucia…bamsee for days should have been the theme eh lol…dem were some very beautiful girls (no homo)…Ladies please let us get our squats on!

Now for the costumes; although I loved the costumes, I wasn’t really wow with them like I was a few years back.  That don’t mean I won’t be in there like boil corn though, oh best believe I in dat just wasn’t really wow…The Indulgence Section should have been a bit more in my opinion but knowing me, I will make the best of it, but I wasn’t wow with it.  Hope the prices are a little less this year because the costumes seem to be a bit less, but we go see how that goes.  The best section in my opinion was KUWANLELENTA (black and white)





















To see more pics, visit the Just 4 Fun Facebook group page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/201756323185508/ and stay tuned to their website for prices and registration details here: http://www.just4funcarnival.com/


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    1. to me dats not costumes only for Young people ,nothing their for older people ,i would love to see our long time really costumes,to me this is bathingsuit some of the men are better dress than us justthinking,

    1. Wow these are beautiful! If you have the body for it. There is almost nothing there. Before wearing you have to have a Brazilian wax or something! Lol

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