St. Lucia I love

I love my birth country eh but it looks like I go have to win the lottery to live here and also for me to have a private jet to ensure that my bags reach with me.

2 days later and still no bag and all I am being told was that it was scanned from Miami and it in Puerto Rico, but where in Puerto Rico I eh know.

Then agent here telling me bout 50US compensation for toiletries….steups boy I eh need no flipping toiletries, I need our clothes……full blame on AA for dis.

So we are still playing the waiting game while de mosquitoes are having fun with me.

But peace out for now, we are going to the beach 🙂


Walk around naked they must find your bags… Hahaha
On another note… But why you need clothes??? You in de Islands… Beach beach and more beach…


But it was vaval and I wanted to go out…walking around naked would have gotten me arrested doh lol…


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