Lost baggage and that feeling….

July 12, 2012

Don’t you hate when you travel and a bag of yours is lost..steups

Well this is my husband and I dilemma today. Flew on American Airlines through Puerto Rico to SLU and the damn woman at the gate insist we have to check in our carry-on cause it won’t fit the overhead bins…..we have travelled plenty places with this same bags and never had to check it in.

By this time y’all know I mad as hell cause i know what that would mean. The funny thing about it was we packed things we would need for the night and some extra in that bag in case our other bags got lost and go figure is that bag that gets lost. 

Then to top it off them had a chartered flight from PR with luggage that could not fit and also our flight coming in but my bag still couldn’t make it…steups real baytease oui. 

By tonight if i eh get my bag is me and flipping American Airlines. This maybe the last time dem go get my money oui.

But in other news I am happy that I am home and had a wonderful time at Color Me Red….I never enjoyed myself at a Machel show that much despite me not having meh nice red dress and animal print shoe that I got just for that but I digress….

It’s Carnivallllll!

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    1. So same thing happened to us on caribbean n we did get back the back and 1400 for our troubles…i will tell u how later if ure interested. I wish they would lose a next bag fuh me

    1. Oh Shate Man! At least you not as bad as me! Mine went to South Africa one time and I NEVER got it back. Babatoonday must be walking about in my nice dandan for foam fete all like now! hahaha

    1. Typical AA they’re famous for that always misplacing peoples luggage, I hope u’re able to get your stuff though!!!!

    1. This happened to me on Delta a few years ago – but I was coming back home from St. Lucia… luggage with my fish, iceecles and creamy icees was in the luggage… 3 days later I got it. Fish still had ice in the center but milk turn in the creamy icees – I was vex 2 bags!! (SN: Mel I finally figure how to log in LOL) doh laugh .. been trying to figure it out for month…

    1. The only time I have ever had lost baggage was on trips to the Caribbean…..I could speculate but let me behave myself…..

      1. lol, girl it never fails…and we thought the bag was left in Puerto Rico only to find out it never left Miami with us..smh

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