Review of Vice – Last event for my St. Lucia Carnival Experience 2022

Aa look traffic to me no other fete had traffic so.

Apparently is park and walk up to Pigeon Point. 

Fete started at 6 but it’s been raining so seems is now everybody coming.

Wow they block off the whole of Point starting from the bathrooms

I find these people eh checking bags properly, I know my bag small but it could easily have something in it..smh

Wow I lie that real have people I’m going to assume these are people that were at Bend. I hope they eh smelling!

Drinks eh open yet. My cousin say the food cold.

Awa for that foam that’s making me feeling like I cyah breathe. Wow that really have people! 

That’s the most Lucia music I hear all week and not the same 3 songs. 

Somebody smelling 🫢 

Jusso them ugly men coming and wine behind people, yack 

Imagine the NY DJ’s turn up the fete the most. Big up Byfar & Jr. Cruiza!

AA a girl have duct tape for nipple covers ih. I feel sorry for her when she have to take that off.

Next person that step on my foot getting a kick. 

I liked the mixes, they played a little bit of everything and a good amount of everything Dennery Segment, dancehall, hip-hop, etc. some people might not have liked it but Vice was a vibe. I enjoyed myself, I’ll give them #2 of the fete season after WOW. Nobody eh touch WOW!

Do enjoy all the random and candid shots I got. 



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