Review of the Opening of St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2023

I REACHHHH! I didn’t think I would be here but here I am lol opening night. Shout out to the plug on the ticket!

The crowd eh look like they feeling Alpha AA, but I saw a recording of the live, and the people up front were more engaging. People were standing there like a bunch of poles, like they too stoosh to jump up a little?
I guess most people came for Kes lol.

I eh know eh but DYP & Friends not rocking the crowd much….and ladies, ladies come on, heels on at Mindoo Philip Park (in de grass)LMAOO..

Okay, the crowd starting to get lively!

I eh go lie they fix up Marchand fastttt cause it wasn’t looking so in March.

But AA, I really seeing a lot of wypipo!
Hol on sumtinggggg
Yhhh we in de capital of Castries tonight deh.

AA deh say we in de ghetto doh give the people glass bottles.

One thing I doh like is when I can’t find a bin cause that’s why people litter, management, take note of that for the next time..put more bins around the place.

Okay I know y’all changing sets but jahhh shut up!

Why them people running for Shenseea, sis cyah even perform well on a stage. I have always thought her to be a better studio artist than a stage artist, but dais my opinion eh.

Shenseea what all them artists have to do with you? If you eh miraculously bringing out Vybz doh ask me if I know him steups!

AA but sis real shiny but she struggling in dem heels poor jab 🤣

AA check the wypipo dance. I cryyyy!
Why this girl ask what was the name of her last album
Sis we don’t know

Weh Kes?
Okay Shenseea bye now lol we done
AA Adriana really excited to be on that stage
What is you doing (in meh Yung Bredda voice) Lmaoo
That’s VIP? 😭 to me VIP should be close to the stage with a good view
Shenseea let the people children get off the stage please and tanks.
Them girls don’t know how to dance without skinning out? They not even on beat steups
They really need to find a better intermission cause nobody want to listen to these people talk steups

Finally the moment we were all waiting for, Kes
Maybe cause I was all in the back but the crowd does not seem moved
Y’all tired of Kes?
Julie how yuh mango sweet
Okay it was where I was standing, closer to the stage have vibes
Okay Kes was nice! And I enjoyed the fireworks at the end! Overall this was a great opening, all the local artists performed as expected, in fact all the artists performed as expected, including Shenseea, didn’t expect too much from her and she gave me just that.

Some pics captured of the night by me:



Images below are from Ronald Raoul. Marchand looking real nice oui…I stand corrected, as a Marchand girl I say Marchand real nice!

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