Review of Bacchanal Brunch 2019

We got to the venue a bit late and I should say that was a good thing because that sun was not playing. Most of the bacchanalists were hiding from the sun while a few of us braved the heat and hoped for a little wind to blow our way. All that was missing from the event was a cool down zone but we enjoyed ourselves.

We were greeted at the entrance with mimosa’s and a souvenir cup. While food was free, premium drinks were for sale and some patrons were not aware of that so maybe that should have been advertised (but then again most people should know that at the price they paid for the event, drinks would not be free). Was a bit disappointed because there was no Disaronno so had to do with some wine. Only had their bake and saltfish which was very good. Fete was nice though despite the heat! Next year cool out zone please and funks, lol.


Meli Mel

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