Ramajay Mas for Labor Day (New York)

Ramajay Mas had their launching earlier this month and I can see why they are the Reigning Band of the Year for 2017…Everytime I hear the name of the band, I always sing Ramajay by Machel Montano (I think that song was written for them oui, lol).

This year for sure they didn’t come out to play and according to Machel, they eh care what nobody say cause they came to Ramajay.

So what yall think of these costumes….they too hot for de Parkway (and when I say hot, I mean beautiful/nice) dais for Miami or the Caribbean I say eh! 

Check out their IG page for more options of their costumes and for more information about the band. (link below)

Ramajaymas IG


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