Old Age

So yesterday I had to get a CT scan done as a follow-up to my scare after pregnancy.  I think I have watched Final Destination a little too much.  I was so petrified of going in the machine, my fingers were crossed and I was just praying that it didn’t malfunction and eat me. (doh judge me, lol)

Anyway, after I had the baby I had some complications and I was sent to do an MRI and CT scan and they saw something that they were not looking for in the first place; ended up being an enlarged thymus.  The thymus grows until puberty then it reduces in size after; mine didn’t. So every 6 months I now have to see this specialist.  Personally I feel it is nothing but better to be safe than sorry.  Yesterday’s scan was done with iodine through an IV, and let me say if the technician didn’t warn me before I would think that I was peeing on myself.  After they put the iodine in the IV and they started doing their thing, I felt a rush like I wanted to pee and my mouth tasted of metal.  It was a quick process just dreadful. I had my doctor’s visit today and he says it still looks the same, no difference in size but would still like to see me in 6 months’ time 🙁 grrrrr u still want meh money dais all I thinking.  But like he says better to be safe than sorry.  Old age is something else eh!
CT Scan


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