Dear JC Penney

It is time you beef up your lax security and protect your customers from fraud. Too often customers have to bear the stress of having people access their account without their permission. Last year I went through the stress of my account being accessed continuously over a period of time, even if I was issued new cards. These people would get my account number in no time and hit me back up. After months of this, they finally got arrested but alas our justice system gave them 1 year probation. Skip to months later yesterday and I receive an email…..yes they are back.; 3 charges (2 got through, 1 they declined cause it looked suspicious) Don’t know if it is the same individuals or not.

Today I walked into a JC Penney store and said I didn’t have my card and wanted to purchase some items so how would I be able to do this. The kind representative told me I needed to get my items first then come back, put in my social security and show ID and they would pull up my information. Easy as that right…so now I am thinking wow this person has my social security and perhaps an ID with their face with my name. I went on to question the representative whether they give out account numbers and she said no they don’t. They just match address on ID and name. My card should have been flagged originally that no transactions should be done without the card being present, so how after months of my first ordeal this is happening again is beyond me.

Some people have said that I should just give up the card and put all that stress behind me, but why should I suffer because some idiot don’t want to work hard. I like JC Penney for their home items but my life them is slowly dissipating.

So JC Penney please fix your system and your lax security.


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