New Color Alert for Easter

March 25, 2016

Happy Good Friday all,

Check out my new Easter/Spring color….I have really been stepping out the box with colors lately.  I used to be a french manicure or cappuccino kind of girl now I am getting colors and all kinds too…go figure 🙂

Anyway my color this time is called Havin Cabbler by DND.  This color was like my last color, at first application I was like ummm, but after 2 coats it looks amazing; it also looked very fluorescent under the UV lamp.  DND polish really do last on my nails, only thing is that my nails grow so quickly and I have to refill every 2 weeks or so but there are no chips no fading with this brand of polish.  Only wish my nail place had a bigger selection, hopefully they will soon.






With flash and without flash

Do have a wonderful Easter my wonderful people and for all those that gave up some kind of food for Lent, go brave lol.


Meli Mel

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