How do you stop from overthinking!

Hey yall,

When you have so much on your mind and you don’t know how to sort it out what do you do?

Sometimes I just want to scream out loud but the Scorpio in me can be very guarded and choose to be quiet instead of screaming.  I was just speaking to a friend about living her life and not sticking to one place, I wish I could do that.  Recently my daughter asked me what do you think your life would be like if you didn’t have us.  I said I would be travelling the world.  I still want to travel the world, but I would like to do that with them and the last time I check hubby and I didn’t win the lotto so that is not happening anytime soon without some thorough planning.

I think I am going to start meditating or something so that I can stop overthinking because right now it is driving me crazy!

Are you guys like me and overthink things? What do you do to rationalize your thinking?


Meli Mel



This is going to be my new mantra


I must confess that I do overthink at times. My mind can come up with so many scenarios conclusions to an event. What works for me is prayer. That time with God seems to still my mind from the random thoughts. Now getting the time to pray is a whole other story but hey thats my life…


I feel you Candy, yup prayers/meditation always seem to be the answer to it all. Girl you can just be driving in the car and just drop a quick prayer or even in the shower, lol


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