Nail Polish

So last month I did a post on Gel Nail Polish and despite it being nice and “safer” than the acrylic or gel powder, I have decided to give it a break.  I really think that the UV light that was being used was making my nails really weak.

Now I am just experimenting with color on my natural nails and keeping it as short as possible.  That was a problem I had in the past, when my nails grew, they grew long and was always scratching someone.

My first color I decided to experiment with was this beautiful color from OPI, called Sparrow me the drama…I am so in love with this color and see myself using it a lot…I am a creature of habit.





This pink looks so warm and I can’t help staring at it…I will update next weekend with my new color…hopefully I won’t put the same color 🙂


Meli Mel
































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