Mysterious blessings/Art Basel 2015

Sometimes in life we face challenges that sometimes seem very difficult to overcome and most of us tend to just give up instead of facing these challenges.  Recently my daughter felt like giving up on the school that she always wanted to go to.  I mean I for one agreed with her because some of the processes were a little backwards in our opinion. So after having a discussion with one of the Deans or whatever she was, it was explained and some of the issues were sorted out.  She still wanted to go to another school that have since accepted her.  She also wasn’t feeling the art world as she did before.  Flash forward to some days or weeks later, she got chosen to do a performance piece based off an assignment she did at school for Art Basel.  Art Basel is one of the biggest international events for artist. (Google it 🙂 )

Art I will say is very subjective eh, art is just not paint, paper and drawing.  Here are pics of some of what she and some other students who got featured portrayed:

Her piece was called Coalesce. She was tearing apart country flags or had the audience participating in the tearing up of the flag to signify the destruction that the world is facing now and she was sewing the pieces of the flag back together to form one big flag which represents the country coming back as one, setting aside all their differences, no nation bigger or better than the other, just one. 


Below: This brother and sister team piece was about limitations.  They were putting together a puzzle but could only use one hand, then at some point they covered half of their face with putty and could only use one eye. 


Below: This artist walked slowly around the yard humming and would choose a participant to “marry”  She would lead him or her to another spot and sing a Latvian melody while tying his/her hand with lace. At the end of the song, she would cut the lace which signified their divorce. 


Below: This artist recreated this abstract work with her feet and paint.  She placed a little square of paint on part of the canvas and with shoes on, she jumped/danced onto the paint, spreading it all around. 





Meli Mel


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