Commercialization of holidays

I find Christmas, Thanksgiving and all these holidays that should have some kind of togetherness with family and friends seem to be so commercialized now.  Recently I went to Lowe’s around 4 pm and the display in the front was all Christmas items, I went back around close to 6 that same day and everything was gone making way for some other stuff already…I was like wow, they don’t waste no time.

Yesterday I walked into Babies R Us and look what was on display and all Christmas items were already on sale:



I mean come on people, Valentine’s Day is 2 months away, let people enjoy Christmas first nuh…on a side note doh, these lil baby girl outfits are so cute…ok back to my rant.

Have we gotten so insensitive and commercialized.  Growing up in the islands, Christmas was a day to look forward too, cleaning up putting up fresh linoleum, painting the house, visiting sick homes, singing to the sick or people less fortunate.  Recently we were repainting and I thought that even if I am not in the Caribbean, I need to bring this back to my home, at least my kids will have some kind of semblance to the meaning of Christmas and not think of it as another day to get gifts.

Hope you guys are getting ready for Christmas, considering it is only 9 days away.


Meli Mel


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