Miami Broward Jouvert 2018

This is my first time covering and also attending Miami Broward Jouvert, so I really did not know what to expect.  It was raining very heavily in Broward and had to drive around plenty to find parking. (That is my only qualm about this venue). There was a total of 24 Jouvert bands and although it is not the typical Jouvert like it is done in the Caribbean it really was an excellent event.  For those of you that maybe wondering what is Jouvert, it basically means the opening of the day or the day has opened (dawn).  So traditionally Jouvert is held from 4 am or so and goes on until while here in Miami-Broward it starts at 7 am and went on until 3:30 pm.  Also in the Caribbean, Jouvert is the same day as carnival while here it is the day before.  Now that I have given you a history of our Caribbean culture, you can now enjoy the pics that I took before I was accosted and got dirty..apparently people don’t like to see people clean.

One thing I will share with you from after my experience, this is a MUST event to go to for Miami Carnival. Oh I was a bit pissed at the reggae being played, after all this is carnival and I personally feel that all I want to hear is SOCA, dem djs were acting like they ent got music…But I digress!  Enjoy the pics!

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