Mercury T-Shirt Mas Band for St. Lucia Carnival 2019

Most of us love the revelry in mas, some love the beads and the feathers, some love the nakedness but there are some that are down with just a t-shirt and some shorts.  Here comes Mercury T-Shirt Mas for those who would like to participate but 1 not down for the cost of costumes (which for some bands can be extreme) or just not into the beads and feathers.  Epic Events who also brings you Mercury Fest presents you their rendering for St. Lucia Carnival 2019, for a low cost of US$350 which would include unlimited drinks, goodie bag and of course vibes.  Also included for the ladies would be their choice of a monokini or baby-t with boy shorts or a t-shirt only while the men get a t-shirt with shorts or just a t-shirt only.

There are limited spaces so register fast.  Their contact information is or check out their IG’s EpicEvents758  or MercuryFestSlu .  


Meli Mel

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