Life without internet

Oh how dependent we have gotten to the internet.  As some of you know, we recently moved and to our dismay when we got there, that our favorite cable and internet provider was not available in the area and wouldn’t be for another 4 weeks or so….WHATTTTTT!!!!!

My husband would be telecommuting, so that is not an option and kids are on summer vacation, I need cable or internet….so anyway we had to get another provider for cable and wait for the internet, because the other providers were not an option at all.

And now I am wondering how did we do it without internet because right now I am biting my nails, my oldest daughter is going crazy because she can’t be willy-nilly using up the shared data plans on the phone, my husband has a long drive to his office because he needs the internet to work…How did we do it people?  Are we getting that dependent on technology….


Meli Mel

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