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This post is to all my cat lovers.  I am a cat lover especially orange tabbies, they are just so adorable.  Anyway, a couple of months back we adopted the cutest lil tabby, Chester, from Smitten with Kittens. This is him a few days after we got him:



Looks cute and innocent right :).  I have had many cats in my lifetime, but this one I swear eh, doh have no name…it is the most playful kitten I have ever had.  It will play with anything under the sun and likes to pounce on your took alot of training from my hubby and I for him to stop pouncing and scratching people.  This is him as of yesterday, btw he is only 5 months old:



So with all that introduction, let me get down to my reason for this post today :)…we bought this lil contraption called Cat Genie for him.  I  heard alot about it and didn’t want to deal with cleaning cat litter all the time.  (Cat litter duties are supposed to be mine, because I wanted a cat).  His first litter box was supposedly a self-cleaning one, but that was a disaster in itself, so I decided to purchase this one and let me tell you, as of now, I must say it is worth the price.  It literally is a toilet for cats.  You can set it up in the laundry room or bathroom because it needs to be attached to a water source.   We opted to set his up in the extra bathroom for lack of space in the laundry room.  It connects to your toilet and flushes down into the sewer system.  The granules are septic-safe and not like the traditional litter.  Oh let me say, that I am not affiliated with Cat Genie eh, just giving my opinion on the product that I really love.  You can tell whoever invented this got tired of cleaning their cat litter and the smell of funk.  Our Chester got acclimated very quickly to it.  It is instructed that while setting it up, don’t let the cat see the workings…hmmmm we read that part too late..cause he was all in the mix.  It also instructed to leave the old litter near the Genie for acclimation; well not our Chester.  As soon as it was up and running, he was all up in there and forgot about his old litter.  This is him doing his business before he literally meowed me out of the bathroom:

PhotoGrid_1371666121927 PhotoGrid_1371666161895 As you can see it looks like a toilet for real.  The only downside is that we have to get a Dome (cover) for it, to avoid all the extra granules on the floor.  This Cat Genie, is worth all the money, although I didn’t go for the full price.  There is an option to join the VIC Club and pay like half price and do monthly payments until it is paid in full.  Also, we had it on automatic flush after each use, but Mr Nosy Chester kept going in it to play and it kept flushing, so we have now set it to two washes a day and there is still no smell.  There is a smell when it is cleaning though, (I haven’t smelt it yet, since I have had a cold and stuffy nose from the move), but when it is cleaning, I close the bathroom door and we have a candle warmer in there that stays on all the time. (smell problem be gone).  All in all, I love the Cat Genie, and if anyone is looking to get one, I will say don’t hesitate at the price too much, it will be all worth it and your nose will thank you….



Meli Mel

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