It has been a while

Hello All,

It has been a while and I should apologize for this.  How have you all been? Are you guys still following your New Year’s resolution?

Anyway my husband and I have decided to take the plunge and be part of the “American Dream” by buying a house….and people all I can tell you that buying at this point in life is not for the weak of heart. And though many people know me to be a strong-willed individual, I am a weak at heart one right now, while my husband is calm (maybe he being manly and not showing me he being stalkerish too, lol) Things have become so strict from back then, that I think I will lose my mind.  I am having stalking anxiety with my phone now, waiting for our loan officer to email me something. Then God bless she heart, does email me like after 9 or sometimes 11 in the night and all day long I just keep looking at my email.  This lady has asked us all kinds of questions already eh, down from why I use the address I use on my taxes to de color of my g-string (joking, but at the rate she going, I feel she go ask me that next oui).

One thing I have learnt from this experience though and I have started spreading the word to a few people that actually didn’t know; if you are looking to buy in the near future STOP ITEMIZING STUFF ON YOUR TAX RETURNS. Yeah I know most people want to itemize to get more money back, but when that loan officer asks for 2-3 years of your tax return and see your itemization, you can get denied for that loan. While we were sitting with our builder, we being de nosy couple that we are (doh judge us) saw 2 couples walk out of the loan officer’s office pretty upset cause she couldn’t work with them.  If you say you making $50,000 and write off $30,000 you are now left with $20,000 for the year…ummmm what house you getting for that uh? So if you take anything from my blogging, keep this in mind.

But back to us and our waiting game with the underwriters, sigh.  Until then I promise to start updating more regularly and let yall know of our progress..



Meli Mel


Welcome to the American dream! You will soon find out why they call it dat but congrats and good luck! I ready to downsize my house to a condo this yard work and repairs is for the birds. SMH but on the flip side I LOVE my house and you will love yours too….Dem underwriters is something else oui…. Yes dear they ask for blood and your first born. SMH


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