Hurricane Irma struggles

It has been a week since Hurricane Irma dropped her little charm on us and I see Maria is looming although it is too early to tell if Florida well be affected.  Hoping and praying that we will not go through this again because I honestly can’t deal.  I learnt a few survival tricks with a picky-eater toddler and just dealing with kids without power.  For the most part the kids were great in the shuttered house until the power went out just as our picky eater toddler finished his first waffle and wanted power.  So my survival tip for the next time, is get up early enough if we have power and do a couple of waffles and pancakes…he don’t mind eating it room temperature once he gets his waffles he will be good.

We played dominoes and listened to music and the news on a portable radio my husband uses for his tail-gating. We didn’t have the normal candles but used my nice scented candles which after a time actually got annoying…heat and smell just wasn’t going with me…so next time I will get some regular candles and some more flashlights.  We had portable chargers for our phones and tablets, so luckily no one complained about their phone dying.

When Irma was approaching, we sat the kids down and laid out our emergency plans and where to go in case a tornado hits.  Our home had 2 safe rooms, that I cleared enough for us to fit in there comfortably.  Luckily we got through Hurricane Irma with no damage to our homes except one solar lamp we had outside and our fruit trees that have since been replanted and some trees in front our home.  My neighbor’s yard didn’t fair very well, but I am happy because they had too much bush up in there.  We didn’t lose more for as long as other folks did, but once the power came back, go figure we lost internet for 24 hours.  Now I didn’t mind that except that I had work to grade and a paper to turn in…Irma you have been stressful, please tell your cronies to leave people alone….Below I am sharing some pics of what made us survive our first Hurricane in our home and with a toddler…Another thing I will always keep handy if Maria decides to knock on Florida doors, is white bread and crix, lol (these were my life-savers with this boy too).

Our life -saver to entertain us

The house smelt nice doh, lol

Two sets because Xavi wanted to play too

Portable chargers are life-savers

What is a Hurricane without wine, hehehe




















The following are pictures from around the Homestead area, as y’all can see most of the damage was minor with just trees and fences, thank God.























































I must say this Hurricane as taught me patience, pettiness and seeing the ignorance that is out there.


Meli Mel

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